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DELINA was founded in 1998. It slowly grew from just a handful of employees and blossomed to a company that now provides over 30 jobs. We believe in our people, so we strive to promote from within and invest in our employees to grow their careers as the company grows, as well. We are also working with the US government to provide locally grown produce and support local growers.


DELINA works hard to maintain our Primus GFS and USDA Organic certifications. We support environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. While we champion local US growers, we directly partner with some overseas growers for specific produce by cutting the middleman and connecting their product with the consumer. Our overseas farms are certified by Azulle to ensure food quality and safety. We also recycle all broken or unusable plastic corners, wooden pallets, and cardboard boxes.


DELINA aims its donation efforts by helping children and families in Peru, the home country of our founder and source of our organic ginger. We contribute to multiple children’s orphanages and support a cancer hospital for children, the “Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño”. DELINA also supports the local common pot, or “olla comun”. To reduce waste and give back to the local community, DELINA also donates produce to the food banks of the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio. To date, we have donated hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh produce to these local communities.